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On Sunday, 6/26/22, New Thought Center will provide tables to Share Your Abundance. If you have a garden, a farm or a few fruit trees, we invite you to contribute to the Produce Giveaway.

This is a monthly event, started in April of last year. At an earlier one, someone commented, "It's just like a farmer's market, but without money!"

In addition to the givers, grateful receivers are needed. Some bags will be provided, but you may want to bring your own as well. The tables will be set up on the east side of Building C right next to the main parking lot. The Giveaway will happen after service. Those with produce to share should try to arrive by 9:30.  Thank you in advance!


Next Event - July 3, 2022

On February 15, 2021, Dr. Hank Wesselman made his transition. New Thought Center of Hawaii hosted a memorial Zoom soon after.

On February 10, 2022, OM radio host Sandie Sedgbeer interviewed Hank's wife Jill Kuykendall to mark the first anniversary of his departure from the earth plane.

If you would enjoy learning more about Hank from the person who knew him best, you can tune in to this podcast, shared by Jill: 

The interview aired on Thursday, February 10th.
From Barbara Leger, March 4, 2022

Subject: Praying for Divine Intervention, practical support for us to STAND FOR THE FUTURE OF UKRAINE

There is no time for pretty, polite or appropriate words…We just hope you stay with us as we navigate the UNTHINKABLE. 10 days ago we were preparing the final exercises for the spring semester of our successful and supportive public education program, the “Understanding PEACE Project”. Now the staff, board members and volunteers in Ukraine are dealing with the actuality of war. 

My work is to keep them all connecting with each other and in PEACE and practical logical mind to make clear choices rather than feel like hopeless victims-they struggle with this and realize that if they can fall into this kind of de-energizing fog of paralysis and fear, then what must it be like for people with no spiritual education and training? omg

When I asked, “How is our team and community doing?” one colleague sent this response:

“I want to tell you more and soon, now we must all find ways to link up and support our team as we always have but never with this kind of pain, danger and consequences. We face extraordinarily hard choices--to stay or go, leave your life, loved ones or stay and find ways to manage the terror and do something constructive. I am not being dramatic, this is the reality of the lives of our amazing wonderful team.”

(Barbara acknowledges team members by name: Dasha, Sophia, Ira, Alla, Luda, Nadye, Vova, Lena, Oleg, Volodymr, Ruslan and Lubova and describes what she knows of their circumstances. When the bombardment began, one woman fled with six children, two of her own and four others, one couple has not been heard from for two days, some people have spent time in bomb shelters, and two have gone to villages to stay with elderly relatives.) She concludes:

“As hard as it may be to imagine that PEACE can break through this terrifying moment, it can, if we let it by being peace ourselves as if our life depends on it, because it does.”

Signed: Varvara (Slavic form of Barbara)

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The Pre-Service Healing Meditation with crystal bowls will take place on the lanai rather than the indoor room, and the times will be adjusted. Since the main service also takes place on the lanai, crystal bowls will be from 8:30 to 9am, to allow time for the transition. Please arrive 5-10 minutes early so the bowls can begin on time. For now, this is a monthly event. 

"Humanity Awakening"
Diving into Nature's Gifts of Tools
for Illumination

with Randyl Rupar

Sunday, July 3,
1:30 to 3pm
New Thought Center of Hawaii,
Pualani Terrace C302,
on the lanai
Suggested donation, $20

We will be engulfed with Sounds, Singing, Prayerful Intentions, Sacred Frankincense Anointing & more...