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5/22: Genevieve Brunet, Brain Health through Gurdjieff Movements, music by Vibodha (Chris Quinn)
5/29: Drew Womack, program & music, Agua vs. Water: Perception...and Separation
6/5: Maria Christina Owl, Choosing Ascension: Tools, Practices, and Wisdom Frequency Healing for the Chakra System.
6/12: Alison Yahna, Honey in the Heart. Music by Mahina Saunders
6/26: Heather Reynolds, music by Laurie Moore

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 We are able to connect to the collective consciousness with our brain and suddenly know things we don’t know with our habitual thinking brain. We cannot prevent disease from entering our brain, neither prevent having those moments, hours or days where we are ‘completely taken’ by our brain, which makes our brain more dense, like a fogginess entering our head. What we can do though is putting efforts in keeping our brain as balanced, clear and relaxed as possible. Our body will feel more relaxed and at peace, we get spontaneous insights, we become more creative and we move with bigger clarity through Life.

In this presentation I will share some mini-exercises in how to engage our brain in a more unified way and how to relax our nervous system and therefore also our brain. I will share insights in and from the brain and journey through some anatomy including a craniosacral view. We will end with engaging in one of the Gurdjieff movements to practice and experience a higher function of the brain, called divided attention, experience what this can mean for ourselves and how this feels to our bodies, especially to our nervous system and our brain. Can we engage our intellectual center and brain in a different way and listen from a different place? In the practice of the movements new neurological pathways are being formed, we become aware of habits and break the automatic pathways. Also because the movements itself are out of the ordinary. The movements continuously enhance the formation of new neurological pathways and stimulate with this the plasticity of the brain.

Music by Vibodha (Chris Quinn)


Geneviève has been studying the Gurdjieff movements for the past 13 years. She has been following retreats with 3 different teachers worldwide, mainly in India. Genevieve has an ongoing Gurdjieff movements group at her Healing Temple in Ocean View, Ka’u, where she lives together with her husband Dan and their 3 cats. She loves the ocean & its inhabitants and is deeply involved in Hula and Hawaiian culture..

Besides teaching the movements Geneviève is also Craniosacral therapist (Licensed Massage Therapist), a Clinical Health Psychologist (PsyD) and a Mindfulness trainer. She has been practicing Craniosacral Therapy for 20 years and Psychology for almost 30 years. She started with Rebalancing massage 25 years ago. After that she switched to Craniosacral Therapy, completed the 4 year education at the Peirsman Craniosacral Therapy Academy in the Netherlands (PCSA) and graduated as a Craniosacral Therapist.

Geneviève loves the deeper world of what the body wants to reveal, she believes highly in the self-healing capacity of the body and she has a passion for exploring the infinite depths of the vast field of the body and beyond.

For more information about Gurdjieff movements or Craniosacral Therapy sessions: [email protected] or

On the same day as the presentation there will be an afternoon workshop, A Taste of Craniosacral. Pre-registration is recommended. (See separate article in this newsletter.)

​Geneviève Brunet
MAY 22, 2022
What we usually identify with, when we think of the brain, is the lower part of our intellectual center. That is where our thoughts are, where we think, where we hopefully create clarity. We hope we get more clarity but usually the more we think the more we get away from it. Oftentimes we are actually taken by our intellectual center, it functions in an isolated way.

The brain has so many possibilities if we use it well. It is this huge precious complex organ, the central organ of our nervous system, which rules and affects our whole body. It rules for example our thoughts, our emotions, memory, touch, motor skills and vision, or also breathing and sleep.

Sunday, May 22

A Taste of Craniosacral
1:45 – 4 pm
Presented by Geneviève Brunet
Craniosacral & Mindfulness therapist
Sliding scale: $ 35 - $ 50.

Pre-registration recommended
Craniosacral allows a deeper listening to the body. First we will tune into the craniosacral rhythm, which breathes throughout whole our bodies. We will learn to touch the body in such a way, that we can sink deeper into the body. How to touch, how to ground yourself in that and how to listen to this deeper layers, will be the primary focus. After that I will guide you in a visualization where you can connect deeper with the different parts of your brain.

All are welcome to this workshop; no special background or experience is needed. The only restriction is if you have had a recent head or brain injury then it is better to book an individual session.

The workshop does not allow enough time to go into any individual injuries and if the injury is very recent there might be contraindications. It will be a group guidance and you will work in pairs on each other. If desired come with a partner and otherwise you will pair up in the workshop.

Please dress comfortably. Bring a fold up mattress or something similar to be able to lay comfortably for 45 minutes and bring a blanket. Also a head pillow if you need, although there are other pillows in the workshop room.

For registration: [email protected]  or 808-747-3148.
“Fluid light moving through your body”
Live in person (see guidelines for attendance)