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1/23/22:  Dr. Susan Gregg - Do You Really Want 2022 to be Different?  Music by The Harmony People
1/30/22:  Kumu Keala Ching: E Welo Mau Loa - Honored Legacy Forever
2/13/22: Susan Bambara
2/20/22: Lynda Boozer
2/27/22: Annual Membership Meeting
3/27/22: Sheila Gallien
4/10/22:  Adriana Attento​
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A Call to Inspiration ~ Open to the New

Nancy Shipley-Rubin

As we begin a New Year, we call on spirit for inspiration in achieving our goals. And aspirations. Being grounded in spirit brings light, grace and wisdom into our awareness. As we come together here in New Thought, we are embraced in the warmth of the heart and clear vision. 

Let’s use this January time for being congruent in what you know is right for you, for building the capacity to express your essence, and to live in the guidance of your mentoring heart. The power of group thought will strengthen your inspiration.

Stepping into the New Year is a perfect time to shed outdated patterns, by Opening to the New. This requires courage. This is a year energetically aligned to the heart. Let growth and adventure be your guide. Join us as we Call for Inspiration and Open to the New.

Nancy ShipleyRubin is a gifted psychic and counselor, who provides clear, direct guidance and teaching. Her work evolved from over twenty-five years of psychic practice, formal studies in psychology and contemplative studies. Nancy leads us through the next steps in our evolution. The information is presented in a grounded format with real life examples. Nancy encourages each person to access their own inner guidance and recognize their unique gifts. Presenting principles of empowerment in a kind and humorous manner, Nancy reveals the depth of who we are.

Nancy, together with her husband Errol, lead us through the vital steps of spiritual evolution. Through carefully crafted learning opportunities, their work allows us to better understand with grace and ease ourselves and our surroundings. Nancy teaches a lecture and workshop series on a zoom platform three times a year. She is available for consultations, in person, on Zoom, or on the phone, and she has ongoing correspondence study courses.

Music by The Harmony People, Gary Garrett and Anjalisa Aitken