New Thought Center of Hawai`i

A Sanctuary of Aloha for the nourishment, development, and evolution of each individual's unique spiritual path.
Use of Gold color theme (50th year)
Celebration activity 
Live Band
Dance party
Chocolate fondue dipping
Face painting
Musical jam session
Zoom celebration for those whom cannot attend
Graphics included in a video
Advertise the celebration in a fun way
Dessert potluck 
Lots of gold decorations
Old photos of NTCH's early days displayed all around the lanai
Sharing of fond memories at NTCH by attendees
Celebration combined with fundraiser?
Silent auction
Online auction
Use event to attract new members: bring a friend to the event (BYOF = Bring Your Own Friend).
Concern: less people available in September to organize/set up/run a fundraiser

Plans are afoot for our 50th Anniversary Celebration!

Below are listed the ideas born of our special brainstorm session.  Here is an opportunity for you to share your ideas!  Type them in and submit for inclusion to the list below.

​Obviously, ideas that are backed up by willingness to help them come about will be more likely to happen.  Please include your willingness to volunteer below.

Featured below are a list, as well as two pictures of charts we created at the Sunday service.  At some point, we will integrate them all into one list.
Swami Om says:

I like the idea of a live rock ?n? roll band. A dance party. And If there is music I will be there. And Charlie might even come too. So no worries about loud music in the afternoon

Definitely a silent auction and I will be sure to donate a Treatment
Ramona Owen says:

Would like to know the update on the idea of the 50th Celebration spanning a couple months - to allow for those members who spend annual blocks of time on the Mainland to be present in Kona.

I'm interested in donating small items from my Collectibles business for an Online Auction and/or a Silent Auction.