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September 26:  Birthday Zoom: New Thought Center of Hawaii Turns 50 (New members recognized)

October 3, Tessa Alburn

October 10, Alison Yahna

October 18, Kumu Keala Ching

October 24, Shelly Pierson: Topic TBA, Music by                         Afternoon workshop

November 14:  Babaji Bob Kindler

December 5:  Christmas Decorating Party

December 19: Dawn Barnett - Winter Solstice Celebration & Drumming

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Two ways to Enjoy New Thought’s Sunday Service:

Come in person. If you choose this option, consider making a reservation. It’s not required, but reservations are encouraged, especially if you have a long drive to the Center. Here’s how:
Send a message to [email protected] with your name, and names of any other household members who plan to attend. OR
Call or text 303 641-4659.  
Reservations can be made until 8pm Saturday. They will be held until 9:45 Sunday morning. If you attend in person, be prepared to follow the Sunday service rules. 

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  • No hugging, shaking hands, etc. (Express affection in non-physical ways)
  • Masks covering nose and mouth are required of all those in attendance, including those with roles in the service. Exception: speaker and facilitator may remove masks while speaking. Vocalists (music ministers) may remove masks while singing.
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  • No passing of hand-held mike.
  • Koa bowl on table—invitation to give, but bowl will not be passed hand to hand.
  • No potluck or beverage service.
  • New Thought will maintain a supply of face masks, hand sanitizer & wipes.
  • New Thought will clean and disinfect furnishings and fixtures frequently.
  • New Thought will record or live-stream services for those who can’t attend.

Adopted by New Thought Board of Trustees, June 18, 2020
Revised March 17, 2021
Autumn Equinox
Living as a Butterfly Warrior
Reflections of a New Thought Elder

Elizabeth Theriault
September 12,  2021
10:00 am

 Live-Streamed on YouTube
Grateful to share with our New Thought Ohana this Sunday leading into Autumn Equinox, Elizabeth will use this time to recognize and honor Balance and Change, as Light and Dark present them self in equal doses. 

Mid way point between entering Summer and entering Winter, we have the opportunity and potential to stand in the wisdom of Elders, with the help of our Ancestors.

The Butterfly so delicate and so strong, traveling incredible distances to transform… all the while trusting three generations and many nectar offerings to accomplish her goal of migration. Often there is nothing to do but trust, let go and listen for the mysteries to be revealed.

As with all Beings of flight, different perspectives help us with broad vision, clarity, and new insights. Ultimately finding our own truth and pathways.

Access via NTC YouTube channel
starting at 10am Sunday:


9/19/21 - Sunday Service: CLICK HERE
Through sharing personal experience, song, storytelling, drum, rattle and process we will explore healing ways to help bring us individually and collectively into deeper peace, in Spirit timing.

Many of you may know Elizabeth from the years of her dedicated and devoted participation in New Thought Church and then N.T. Center. Very active throughout the 1990’s, having been on the Board and served as President mid-decade. It was a transforming time for her and all involved. This journey and its gleaned insights will be shared, as it was deeply sculpting to Elizabeth’s presence to date. Elizabeth remains active as a member to different degrees till present day.

In 2003 Elizabeth started DrumSpeak, a journey of growth, and expansion through indigenous practices -- facilitating Drum circles, drum, rattle, talking stick making workshops, yearly gatherings and officiating ceremonies throughout our Island communities, mainland, and globally.

Her professional life also includes Chef (38 yrs, now retired), Co-Owner of Kona Art Gallery in Holualoa (currently), and Artist for a lifetime!

As is the case with butterflies, they rarely fly in a straight line, yet they are always on course. Offering silence as their medicine (connection and holding space), receiving nectar from the ways of many colors, butterflies live in beauty, grace, love, humbleness, and respect. With the wind of courage beneath their wings, ultimately we experience joy, healing, love, life, and transformation.

You are invited to join us…and Let Love Lead!