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Beyond Ravi Shankar: the Power of Indian Classical Music

with Laurie Kallis

November 28,  2021
10:00 am

Laurie Kallis will serve as both presenter and musician this Sunday at New Thought Center. During her presentation she will explain some aspects of Indian music including the “raga”.

Through an ancient system of Vedic origins, each raga contains a series of notes and patterns that work their way through the body pulse points, in turn evoking human emotions and sentiments in eloquent and irresistible ways. The music has the effect of ultimately harmonizing people and bringing a sense of well being and higher consciousness.

Laurie will also share about her quest to learn meditation and reach enlightenment, her 7 month journey to India as a young woman, and how that inspired her study of Indian classical music. The seed that was planted when she was 23 lay dormant for many years, however. She explains, “It took a full Saturn return, about 28 years, before lengthy trips to India resumed. These later trips were focused on spirituality, living at a traditional ashram and intense classical Indian raga music training.“

Some basic concepts of how to listen to the music followed by performing some raga music will round out the presentation.

Laurie plays the Slide Veena and the Sarangi, two ancient instruments of India. She also plays the Tanpura and has basic skills in tabla drums. She performs with the India Music Hawaii Band (except during global pandemics). To hear her music, go HERE
The band’s website can be found HERE